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CodeGuard monitoring

CodeGuard offers the world’s leading offsite website backup & monitoring service. Watch this short video to see how CodeGuard works and how it can benefit you!

Website Backup: We are content security made easy

CodeGuard offers the most reliable backup on the market with 99.999999999% reliability. We achieve this by replicating your data in secure locations across the world and backing up your site automatically, everyday. Our dashboard tells you exactly when your next backup will occur, how many files were added, changed, or deleted in your previous backups, and lays all of this information out in an easy to understand way.

Website Monitoring: We stay ahead of the curve

Ever thought about how you'd find out about your site getting hacked? If your site is hacked, it could be days or weeks before you even know about it. CodeGuard believes that you should be the first to know, and so our monitoring system diligently checks your site for changes everyday. When CodeGuard takes the daily backup, it compares what is on your website with the last version of your website stored in our system. We call this a differential backup, which is unique to CodeGuard and much more efficient at storing your data than other services. If any changes are found, CodeGuard emails you with the details!

Website Restore: We can help you fix the problems

Should anything go wrong, CodeGuard is there to help. Deleted files are now recoverable, overwritten files are now obtainable, and if your site is hacked, the malware is easily removable. All of this with nothing to install. After selecting which backup version you want restored CodeGuard gives you a few options to choose from. You can perform a manual restore by requesting a zipped version of your backup, or perform a one-click automatic restore and let us do the heavy-lifting. You can also restore individual files as needed.

Common Questions/FAQ

What if I want to switch plans?

Switching plans is easy! At any time you have the option to upgrade to a different plan through the CloudFlare dashboard when you log in.

How does payment work?

Plans are month-to-month. You will be billed at the beginning of each month period by CloudFlare, based on your initial billing date.

How do you backup the static content?

CodeGuard can connect via FTP or SFTP to backup your static content. A connection to your server is opened once/day, and once the server connection is established, CodeGuard will check to see if any files have changed. If changes are detected, only the changed files will be transmitted to CodeGuard's servers. This keeps your bandwidth usage low and minimizes server impact.

Do you backup databases?

Right now MySQL is the only database that CodeGuard backup works with. To enable database backup, first contact your hosting provider and ask them if CodeGuard's IP addresses will need to be whitelisted. We will then provide those for you to pass along to your hosting provider.

How does database backup work?

You have several options in backing up your databases. CodeGuard can connect directly to your MySQL database, typically through Port 3306, or by tunneling over SSH with your FTP credentials or different credentials. Similar to backing up the static content, CodeGuard will open a connection once/day. Different than the static content backup though, is that the entire database will be downloaded each time a connection is opened. The database is examined by our version control system once it reaches our servers, and only the new or changed content is stored.

Can I backup multiple websites?

Yes, you can! Multiple websites can be backed up with CodeGuard, and if you have more than two or three, we highly recommend the Professional or Enterprise Plans. These plans are feature rich with tools for managing and overseeing multiple backups for different clients, and are intended for small businesses, designers, developers, and agencies.

Where are the backups kept?

CodeGuard utilizes Amazon's Simple Storage Service, also known as S3. While Amazon has several different services, this is the most reliable storage system on the planet, with 99.999999999% reliability. Each of the nines after the decimal point count - there are nine of them - and this means that your backups are safe with CodeGuard.

How does monitoring work and why is that important?

CodeGuard opens a connection with your server once a day, and checks to see if anything has changed. We do this by looking at the names of the files, the time stamps on them, and the file sizes. If any changes are found, you will be notified via email of those changes, and a new backup of that changed content will commence. This is important because websites are vulnerable - to human error in editing, to outside attack, and technology/hardware failures. Now you will know immediately if something happens to your site, and you can remedy it quickly.

How does the restore/undo work?

When a user seeks to restore a previous version of their website, the first thing CodeGuard does is to check the live website to see what content is on it. This enables us to quickly push (or pull) the differences to or from your site. For instance, you might experience a hack that changes your .htaccess file and nothing else. Rather than reload your entire site, CodeGuard would simply replace the infected .htaccess file with your old clean copy.


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