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ExceptionHub makes sure your site is working for your visitors.

  • Tracks all JavaScript errors on your page
  • Logs a full stack trace on errors from any browser
  • Gives you browser and OS information
  • Groups errors by cause
  • Optionally receive e-mails when new errors happen
  • Real-time error tracking
  • Supports Development mode

Know When Something Is Broken

Typically any errors that happen on a visitor's browser happen without you knowing.

ExceptionHub makes sure you know when something is broken the second an error happens. We can e-mail you when a new error happens. You can then see where the error is coming from and all of the information needed to reproduce the error (browser/version, os/version, url, page parameters, time, etc..)

Once the error is fixed, simply mark it as fixed and ExceptionHub will remove the error from the list. If the error happens again you'll see the error along with any history.

You can even track your own custom parameters when an error happens to help you debug. This might include the users id, environment variables, or other useful debugging information.




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