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Over 700,000 sites are blacklisted by Google! Keep your business off this list.

SiteLock helps protect more than just your website; it can protect your business. Your online reputation and the security of your website are critical elements to your business. There have never been more threats to your website than now. Hackers use malware, SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting and more sophisticated techniques to steal your customer data or redirect your traffic, ruining your site’s reputation.

You will see lots of blacklist monitoring tools out there. Blacklist monitoring is critical, but insufficient to ensure your site’s reputation and security. This is a reactive measure, after the damage is done. You also need to be proactive in identifying possible weak spots hackers can take advantage of. The most common, according to a report by Verizon’s security team and the US Secret Service [1] are code injection attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injections. SiteLock will alert you if your site is vulnerable to these issues, as well as if your site gets blacklisted for any reason by search engines or spam monitoring tools.

SiteLock combines two types of scanning to provide an additional layer of security beyond the existing protection of CloudFlare and ensure your investment is protected and your reputation is safe:

Proactive scanning: Searches your site and network for common weak spots hackers exploit to inject malicious code into your site

Blacklist monitoring: Monitors search engine and spam blacklists to make sure your customers are seeing your site and receiving your messages

SiteLock’s security offers all of these features:

  • Daily 360-degree scanning for
    On-Demand Expert Services to help you fix any security issue on your site
    • SQL Injections
    • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    • Applications
    • Viruses
    • Malware blacklisting
    • Spam blacklisting
  • Alerts & Email Notifications
  • Dashboard Reports

In addition to all of this, SiteLock also provides our Trust Seal for sites that are secure. The SiteLock Trust Seal provides customer confidence and has been proven to substantially increase your sales and conversions, with 70% of web visitors looking for a verifiable 3rd-party certification before providing personal data

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