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ScrapeShield (Free Service)

ScrapeShield is a free app from CloudFlare that protects your site's content, and allows you to monitor and track misuse. ScrapeShield includes content tracking, Pinterest blocking, email obfuscation, hotlink protection, and — coming soon — watermarking.

Recommended for bloggers, media websites and any other publishers.

Reputation security + content protection

CloudFlare's core reputation security blocks attacks and malicious traffic of all kinds, including abusive scrapers looking to steal your text, images and email addresses. Moreover, each site using CloudFlare benefits from being a part of the CloudFlare community: CloudFlare learns from abuse targeted against one site to raise the protection levels for all sites behind CloudFlare.

ScrapeShield layers content protection on top of reputation security. Whether you are protecting your words, images or email addresses, ScrapeShield ensures your content remains yours—and lets you track any misuse.

Content theft tracking

If anyone steals your content, track where it appears and take action. Content tracking works automatically on every page of your website.

If you want to track additional, more granular elements, you may insert this HTML comment wherever you like. For instance, you might add this comment to your template for article headlines.

Host and eye will replace each comment with a tracking beacon.

ScrapeShield Report

The ScrapeShield Report details where your scraped content appears and how often it is being viewed. The ScrapeShield Report updates daily for free users, and every 15 minutes for Pro (and above) users. (CloudFlare users that wish to upgrade their plan may do so on the My Websites page.

Block Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular site for sharing images found across the web into online collections. "Pinning" content copies it from your site to the Pinterest servers. To prevent your content from being "pinned," ScrapeShield can automatically add a small snippet of code to your site that Pinterest respects.

Email obfuscation

E-mail address obfuscation prevents malicious bots from harvesting e-mail addresses on your site and prevents spam, while keeping addresses visible to your human visitors.

Hotlink protection

Hotlink protection prevents other sites from stealing your bandwidth and using images hosted on your site for display on sites that do not belong to you. All images residing on your site are automatically protected if Hotlink protection is enabled (file extensions: .gif, .ico, .jpg, .jpeg, .png).

Anyone that attempts to reference an image on your site with Hotlink protection will only see a broken image instead. You can bypass Hotlink protection by creating the folder hotlink-ok anywhere on your site and copying only those images that are allowed to be hotlinked into that folder.

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