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CDNJS Selections (Free Service)

CDNJS is an open source, peer reviewed script repository, with a wide range of community-driven projects hosted on a global CDN to speed up the web as a whole.

CDNJS Selections is a handful of carefully selected scripts from the full CDNJS collection. Each of the Selections is universally useful for "upgrading" legacy browsers to support the features of newer browsers.

When you use a popular script from CDNJS, your website visitors benefit from increased site performance, for two reasons:

  1. The CDNJS version of the script is likely to be cached in the visitor's browser cache, so it won't be re-downloaded.
  2. Script is served from a global CDN, optimized for delivery from the closest node.

The Five Selections

  • Modernizr

    Upgrade non-HTML5 browsers to support HTML5 elements. Includes easy and automatic browser feature detection for both CSS and JavaScript capabilities, visible from both CSS and JavaScript. (script)

  • Google Chrome Frame

    Prompt users of the site in Internet Explorer (IE) browsers to install Chrome Frame, which is basically Chrome as an IE extension. (script)

  • Flexie

    Enable backwards compatibility for the CSS3 flexible box model in browsers that don't support it. (script)

  • CSS3 Finalize

    Allows you to write CSS3 without using vendor prefixes. Automatically adds necessary vendor prefixes for you. (script)

  • JSON2

    Enables JSON.parse and JSON.stringify in browsers that do not support it (mostly Internet Explorer). (script)

More About CDNJS

CDNJS was started in January 2011 as an attempt to speed up the web. CDNJS is managed by two passionate web-developers from Australia, Ryan Kirkman and Thomas Davis. CloudFlare started hosting CDNJS in June 2011.

At CloudFlare, we believe that open source, community-driven projects like CDNJS are the tools upon which the future of the internet will be built. CloudFlare is proud to provide the global CDN infrastructure that will help power that future.

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